Bom dia (good morning) Rio! ☀ May we never lose our hope for better and brighter days! 🙏✨ 📸: Raphael S. _

What is the most photogenic city in the world, and why is it Rio de Janeiro? 😌 Happy Friday everyone! 😊 📸: _

After the rain, four days ago, Praia Vermelha..., Urca, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil .

Your first name is Free. Last name is Dom 🌊 @ Praia Vermelha, Imbituba

Just completed a 2.25 mi walk - A very long and very leisurely stroll this morning to ...

Just completed a 1.85 mi walk - Friday evening stroll with the puppies to in ...

Goodmorning sunshine - new video with this gorgeous backdrop posting tomorrow ...

Loved this beach from RJ. I went once before and its a always good choice.

Last jump into Brazilian waters. Great option for a less crowded beach and a great view

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