[email protected] anne_ayiro Needy kit Foundation# let's join hands in helping the vulnerable . Power empire team @ Mama Ngina orphanage in kisumu.. practising the act of being a neighbor.

A picture I took just over 33 years ago showing 56 021 at Trent Junction on 17-04-87 with empties out of Ratcliffe Power station

You will remain powerless as long as you continue to believe you are powerless.

Matt Hancock has no not real human power to speak of, which is why he has to stand on a podium and make threats like a tiny

Just heard give real, honest advice for . Big takeaway: women, people of color, LGBTQ+ don't need encouragement, give them power to reach senior tech roles, serve on panels, hold leadership positions & it will make the biggest difference.

Lenovo IdeaPad S145 Notebook, Display 15,6" Full HD, Processore Intel Core i5-1035G1, 512GB SSD , 8GB RAM, Windows 10, Granite Black:

Woke up, said my prayers n went on a jog down St. Bernard. June 8th

New filter inspired by the video which I created at home. Tag me in your posts using it with 🔋 x

Absolutely loving and all it means. Euphoria and autonomy and self-worth. Needed this at this point in my life, and you have absolutely delivered 🙌 congrats on the cracking tune and video!

Ellie Goulding released her new single “Power” lets support her Katycats! Don’t forget to but   &

Seriously congrats and the team who worked on the video, It’s so good, so beautiful ❤️ and knowing it’s a quarantine made video 🤯

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