alert! This week's update features a virtual trip to New York, the 'Ministry of Silly Walks' and an ease in lockdown restrictions. Have a read and check back every week for your good news fix!

Bless these people for showing us the truth of who we are: limitless loving beings who thrive when we come together in Rest in peace

We have been working on capturing people’s thoughts/emotions/challenges and positive experiences during lockdown it’s a really interesting piece of work and I’m genuinely impressed with how the people we support have found many positive things to share with us

Free Online Coaching & Guidance For Poor Civil Service Aspirants of Odisha! Wish You Success and his Other 6 Colleagues(all are Civil Servants) Your initiative is a ray of hope for many.Jay Jagannath.

There is a piece now going ahead on BBC Breakfast tomorrow after today's positive announcement. I got contacted about it but unfortunately can't do tomorrow morning. So watch out for it, no doubt about PPE now but hopefully positive stuff too 😀

My nephew is learning his ABC's. Not quite sure he has LMNOP down yet...

Good morning my lovely friends! Today's is France electing its first trans mayor. Studies show how important representation is, and at a time of anti-trans sentiment and global health battles, this feels even more wonderful:

Last night I watched the ‘The Perks Of Being a Wallflower’. What a truly beautiful film, how have I never watched this before? It’s on Netflix & if you’ve never seen it I’d suggest you do for some true coronavirus escapism ❤️

It's been a grizzly few days in the Twitter news world... Remember to smile and safely enjoy the beautiful real world 🌍

💚 Fundraising Update 💚 This season we teamed up with our friends at the Boot & Shoe and tasked our ladies with completing a football card to raise money for the defib outside their pub We are happy to announce they raised £300! ⚽️💛💙

Looking forward to posting the video of Xerri calling his mum to let her know he tested positive

Boe made her little globe trotters who are going to travel with us in our minds as we learn all about other countries around the world 🌍! First we went to Italy 🇮🇹 and now we are off to China 🇨🇳

Bank holiday birding in the garden: 23 species in an hour. Swifts Swallows and House Martins. Good numbers of well feathered young inc Sparrow Goldfinch and Starling. Highlight has to be a flyby Hobby.

Hey folks, looking for accounts today if anyone knows any! Have had some darkness, then a bad dream, now looking for some light & joy. I love baby humans & animals, & love stories! Pls send ur fave positive news or pages my way! Anyone else need some ?

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