ambassador in criticized suggesting that US owned TV station serves foreign interests (German, Russian, whatever - your pick)during presidential campaign and in response someone sent a rude tweet from official profile of Polish parliament that was quickly deleted.

Less than a week before Poland’s second round of presidential elections, incumbent Andrzej Duda presented a draft amendment to the constitution that would ban gay couples from adopting children.

. has added an undergraduate programme in Aviation Management to the course offer at its new campus in

has a long way to go when it comes to accepting people for who they are. The rhetoric of ’s party puts Poland years behind and negatively impacts the progress of the nation. Regardless of who you love, you deserve equal rights!

July 4, 1946 | A violent massacre of Jews in the south-eastern Polish town of Kielce takes place. The Kielce massacre convinced many Polish Jews that they had no future in occupied after the and spurred them to flee the country.

“this cruel tragedy for our country and people” 4 July 1943: Polish Premier and Commander-in-Chief General Władysław Sikorski killed in plane crash, along with daughter, staff. His death was a blow to Poland’s diplomatic position as well as military

I don't know where did the trend originate, but I like it. Here's some nice picture of Poland - a beautiful country that just needs some fixing ♥

President has just informed that on Monday he will propose a change in Polish Constitution banning same sex adoption. Rainbow families are valid and beautiful, full of love and responsibility. And they exist, also in . Be strong ❤🇵🇱🏳️‍🌈

Yesterday, I moved in to a new house 🏡 in so, you have a chance to take a look 😊

🇨🇿🇭🇺🇵🇱🇸🇰 takes over the presidency of the Visegrad Group. It is a symbolic day. We will work on strengthening the role of throughout Europe”, said PM .

The Minister of Defence (MOD) for will be speaking at the GSOF Europe Symposium! We're honored to have him on board--register today so you don't miss out. Learn more::

Christian countries should get united and say no to islamization. Everyone should be allowed to religion of choice

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