One of my shiny seedot encounter during community day

if you don't like this tweet before scrolling past he's gonna whack you with his leek

Me: Why do I always run out of Pokémon space? Also me: Nawww dats so cute! 😍🥰

Today has been nutty for shiny Pokémon in today! 6 bronzors and a glameow 😍

Twitter is crazy because I can post these 2 images and make all raiders cringe.

I've been grinding a lot of call of duty recently so I wanted to show some love to my family I will pick one person who RTs and likes this. The winner can pick from the image!

Next Community Day on June 20 with Weedle & Drill Run as exclusive move.

Seedot Community Day was NUTS! 26 shinies total! Hope everyone had a great Community Day!

Level 38 and a decent IV Shiny which i traded... I didnt bloody know that you can max out Pokemon with Level 38, i Always thought the last two pushes are available wiht Level 40.

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