He wouldn’t look well you idiot! He’s ill and should be resting not working. You’re the one spreading terrible rhetoric and spewing out rubbish. No one in the world saw this coming so you can’t blame the ! and government are doing all they can to keep the county going!

Imran Khan "I urge the Police for God's sake please don't hit people with sticks when they come outside. They are humans, speak to them & they'll understand why it's not safe to come out. This war will not be won by hitting people with sticks or throwing them in jail

ji plans in advance, level of preparation in is unprecedented, 1.52L dedicated beds, of them 35000 ICU beds. 4307 hospitals around country for out of them 258 dedicated hospitals. 16000 ventilators + 40000 more ordered 10L PPE ordered

Dear Mr. Tusk, are you saying this from your own experience? Remember what you did when you were of and later as a official. The Poles hated you so much that you are a persona non grata to them.

The Imran khan sab don't forget this poor lady who doesn't have any property in London even in Pakistan 😢😢😢

Pakistan is missing National Leader on the slot of or in this crisis situation. National Leadership can consolidate & unite whole nation in crisis situation of . were true leaders in times of crisis & stood with people.

Today I donated a small amount to care Hopefully we will win Go corona

Little donation for modi jii care to fight with corona virus.......from ur helping hand # soldier

. A letter from the Prime Midiot is being sent to every home in Britain. As he has it's best to pick it up with tongs, take it into the garden and burn it immediately. Prime Minister

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