Innate need to please, He commands every desire ~ swallowing her pleas

Her sapphire eyes beg Please, sir, I am a good girl He smiles, yes, I know

forgive 3 months rent for rooms in lockdown for students interest @Arjun_Mehargovtmustpayourroomrent

home stay safe follow and corporate with police social worker. Doctor Etc. #

🌈 Thank you to everyone involved in the raffle from V.E DAY 💓 I have this letter today so I wanted to share it with you all re-tweet thank you 👏

moist earth yields its mouth open, hungry, to the sun, pleases bursting shoots prompt:

please me, punish me print your pleasure in bruises stain me with kisses prompt:

Kisses like feathers we please each other in love fulfilled contentment

Dr : 1. BSc degree - University of Zululand, 1971 2. MBChB from University of Bristol, England, 1978 3. Diploma in Tropical Child Health from School of Tropical Medicine, University of Liverpool 1986. tag the grade 11 drop out, John Steenhuisen here

What tease... I don't get my copy until, I think Sept? More I need to know ! Can you read some to us?

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