"Be aware of your breathing, notice how this takes attention away from your thinking and creates space" Quote by Eckhart Tolle Both pictures by our lovely Rebecca Evans.         

15 minutes of pilates to waken me up and then this for a walk. Show me a better start to the day.

Try your first online Pilates class for free! Contact me for more details. Sessions are individualized based on client needs or limitations.

Find a variety of fitness options at Amrit, including Pilates to improve flexibility, posture and overall physical health.

Pilates this evening at Transcend 7pm £6. Join us this bank holiday Monday for an invigorating flow drop me a message to book [email protected]

Ad hoc class while on holiday in visiting a very good friend from . Pilates connected us years ago in Geneva & now we picked it up where we left it 😍🤩 as friends & runners with a new gang in Panama

How do you start your week?👏🏼💥Do you love yourself enough to move your body, stretch it and strengthen it? Start your Monday with us • • • •

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