@tTheRealLukevans from your special friend rafa olarra鈥檚 IG story What a beautiful fl馃尯wer it鈥檚 native to 馃嚨馃嚟

鉂n the fabric of the universe we serve as conduits of energy to the world around us; you get to choose positive or negative. ~Anne Scottlin

鉂 few still moments in nature in the morning can set your tune for the rest of the day. ~Anne Scottlin

Nature鈥檚 ever changing moods still leave us breathless and invigorated.

Omg you can see on 3 that her/his ear is deformed as the nurses have been saying. 馃槪

鉂his day will never spring again; notice something of beauty in this moment, not to capture it, but to live in it鈥檚 presence with exuberance. ~Anne Scottlin

鉂etamorphosis is not reinvention, it is the realization that we鈥檝e always had what it took. ~Anne Scottlin

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