Someone doesn't look too impressed with me taking the photo. Nevertheless, the pose remained while I set up the shot.

Nick Brandt, Kenya. A Ranger with tusks from a killed elephant. From his "On This Earth A Shadow Falls Across the Ravaged Land".

“Everything that is, casts a shadow” ― Neil Gaiman, American Gods Simon King, Photographer

,, Dreams do not need much time and speech to turn into a reality, just move and start with the first step...the choice is yours... ,,

Pictures from a walk along the banks of the River Goyt & through New Mills yesterday.

TRIGLAV NATIONAL PARK - one of the oldest and most beautiful in is located in northwestern and covers 4% of the entire Slovenian territory. (photos: Jost Gantar, Ales Zdesar ) ,

🍃🍇🌻☘🌺🌿🌻🍇 and when we were allowed to go outside we all prefered the roads we found to the polluted ones we left behind😊 garden doors my neighborhood . 🌻🌿🍇

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