🧭 Avignon Visits You! 🗺 Avignon looks like the backdrop of a medieval fairy tale - in the 14th century it was the centre of the Roman Catholic world Read more 👉 📍 🇫🇷📍

Bravely Iranian Heroes on Tanker. I can mention their rank from left to right : Able seaman (deck A.B) Bosun Chief officer Able seaman(deck A.B) Be safe my partners🇮🇷

🧭 Montenegro Visits You! 🗺 Majestic mountains, breathtaking beaches, bays overlooking the Adriatic Sea, Venetian villages & walled cities Read more 👉 📍  🇲🇪📍

❦We share this moment in common with every living thing, and in this moment we can choose compassion. ~Anne Scottlin

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