Energy is a key currency of great . We can learn much from athletes and transfer those lessons into our business.

Register now for this informative webinar providing strategies for motivation, performance & well being.

Take time to understand what it is you desire to do. What is important? What is of meaning to you?

Maximize your workout by eating a healthy diet. Food such as lean meat, fish, vegetables, and are all great options. Buy and see your

- Swiss Fetish Queen Elizabeth Carson gets booked for a performance in latex at the Erotica Exhibition in Zurich. She's wearing black latex capri pants and a white quite see-through top

Thanks, it's been challenging & so rewarding! The learning modules & assessments you have constructed are designed to increase our knowledge base and skill set to confidently work with athletes to reach their goals. I'm looking forward to

| Our penulitmate award of the evening is Coach of the Year which goes to Nicole Martin from Blantyre Soccer Academy. Congratulations Nicole!

| Our High School of the Year award goes to St Andrews & St Brides in East Kilbride. Congratulations to all the pupils and teachers who have been involved at !

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