I thought this fictitious magazine cover that a follower sent me was cute. What would the name of your personal magazine be?

I put together all the practices that I follow every day to avoid premature aging of my skin in a blog post. If you wanna know more about it, check out my article:

Winter 1984, Cowane Street, Stirling. Ice in the sink, Jeanie in the next room, the Commotions on the turntable.

My husband told me my skin is beautiful and smooth. Thanks ! I’m a customer of yours from now on. I know it’s good as he never notices stuff like that 😂💜

After her first use of our English Cleansing Butter, Chlorophyll Brightening Cleanser, Collugreen Serum x Moisturizer....out of all the things a dad would ask you when he sees you?! 😳😳😳😍😍😍 FIRST TIME USE!!!

Want flawless skin?? You need Hebex from - it also makes your hair and nails grow quicker. I swear by it and I’ve been on it nearly 7 years. I’m 41 and my skin has never looked better 💙

Perfect skin and pretty hair. No Snapchat needed over here to look good.

🎁 The Perfect Gift 🎁 $3.25/month for perfect skin? Not bad! I’m your Younique girl 💄(Btw, this pic is unfiltered, all makeup on the site)🎄

you made me cry tonight. Not sure why. Your voice as compelling as it was in my 20s. Your song writing & sound absorbing

This song means so much to me. Our flaws are what make us beautiful! What's one thing about yourself you love?!

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