‘Black Dragon’ Tree Peony is an exotic highly anticipated blooming event. Voluminous dark maroon-red blossoms with decorative bright yellow stamens. Hybridizer unknown but originates from Yokahama, Japan around 1905.

‘Black Dragon’ Tree Peony is the most exotic highly anticipated to bloom

Afternoon all. We’ve just gone over 6k followers on our FB page so thank you for your continued support. Back tomorrow with another P&T video on pruning spring flowering shrubs and catching up in the veg plot.

My Grandmother's garden had the loveliest peony plants... I miss gardening so much. 😞Based off photos I took back in 2014.

Both my Peonies are doing really well. So happy to see the number of buds this year 😊

🌾🌸Be Mindful, Be Grateful Be Positive, Be True, Be Kind💛🕊 lovely Friends Have A Blessed Full Of ℒℴѵℯ, Smile, Peace & Happiness Take Care ℒℴѵℯ You All💕🗺 🏵🕊🌿

Peony and Ilyana want to say Happy 30th Anniversary ! It’s has been such an honor being a part of this franchise!! Peony is sending special dreams to each of you to celebrate!! 💛💚🧡💜

The Peony and The Ant 🌺🐜 Peony buds produce a sweet honeydew that attracts ants, the grateful ants then guard the peony buds protecting them from other harmful pests until they blooms. Nature is amazing!

Ooo... Look what I just found!!! Peonies... All are open... Had to buy them anyway. Happy Tuesday dear and Twitter friends 💕🌸💕🌸💕

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