🆘🆘🆘🆘👇🏻 NEEDS A FOSTER, ADOPTER, RESCUE SERVICE TO PULL [email protected] CAN KILL HER please any amount to help save , the money goes directly to the rescue service to pay for transport, medical, etc THANK YOU

The LOVE statute seems extra beautiful this year and there’s nobody left on campus to enjoy it! :.(

I've never walked much around my local area until today so I didn't realise how lovely it is. I could get used to not working 😄 🌳🚶‍♀️😎

Continuing with our : MES student Diana Swidler examined the life cycle assessment of hydrogen as a transportation fuel in the California market.

For all my folks ..... follow on Instagram for an upcoming contest....

The has announced by email to all faculty that "interruption of all onsite operations, except for those that are life-sustaining essential employees, will continue until further notice."

Would have rather been playing Opening Day, but you make the best with what life gives you. Excited to get back when that time comes, but wishing everyone safety in the interim.

Picked up new jigheads, mono line, pyramid sinkers, 4/0 circle hooks, & barrel swivels! Also, I finally went through my first 150 yards of braided line, so I spooled up with some new red braided line!

I am Darlene Adames. I attended Diversity CRNA Augusta 2019. I have worked extremely hard to become a competitive applicant. I was just accepted at UPenn for the DNP Nurse Anesthesia Program. From the bottom of my heart thank you soooo much for Diversity CRNA!

For MES student Hayley McCurdy, an individualized curriculum helped her make connections and explore her interests in energy, economic development, and environmental stewardship. Read more about Hayley and her graduate studies at .

Fixing one of Dad's old fishing reels when I need a change of pace.

living in . home built in 1922! Close to Lake of the isles. 2132 Ave. Home Staging helps to sell properties! Contact us for details! 😃

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