I don't suppose has any tips on how to attractively 'en croute' this type of small salmon fillet? They seem to be the standard supermarket shape (asymetrical) and I do them in pastry quite a lot but they always look rubbish!

The smell of fresh and from my mother's pasty shop under our home would... surely you can imagine how delightful it was. I would wake up with the mesmerizing scent of Lilacs, Cherry blossoms, Roses, and Jasmines from our garden.

Here are the finished Nokshi Pitha - pastries made with a cooked rice dough, which is handcut into intricate patterns then fried & soaked in syrup. Made by mum with a little help from us! Crunchy deliciousness! 😍

A great special shout out to ThickerThanBatter () for making these delicious GUAPO cookies. Y’all make sure y’all hit her for yo pastry delights. She can do it all. Tell her Guapo sent you.

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