LAST SONG and we’re done. Thanks to for DJing 24 hours with me and thanks to the group of stalwarts who stuck it out: Steve, Karl, Mike, Chris, Emerson, Arki, Andrew Baker, Hannah, Lucas, etc! Amazing experience

LONG night, but powering through in . This hour W songs. current playing ‘We are family’ by Sister Sledge. Next hour XYZ songs!

Happy 🐣 from the Dundee Party Room. When this is over it will be time to ! We are open & would love to hear from you. Dundee 402-590-2625 West 402-289-4096

No more , a party room only, shared ministerial responsibility across the new coalition, & willing to fight these idiots, maybe even throw the in prison, to clean up this mess.

Come check out our private party room! Capacity 60 ppl, 3 TV'S, 1 big screen, 2 private bathrooms, own sound system & more! Come check it out!

with strip-away clothing? And prosthetic ya-yu? and of course, would need a filled with jugs of alcohol and party thingys... and no collection can ever be complete without etc.

Sometimes we can forget that those who report on the nation's big events are also affected by them. Take care of yourself, PK. Great this week, BTW.

Travelling for work is always interesting. But, there is no way this room can be topped... I don’t know what I did to deserve this?

Ok so ni sebenarnya kat located in Atria Mall, Petaling Jaya. Here’s the deal guys, tempat ni sesuai gila for family/friendship bonding. We had crazy fun ok!!! If you’re looking for something different to try, this is it! Sangat berbaloi.

. say that was given a false impression of his numbers if the was called in cos most ' MPs/Senators have, since his drunken rambling on the role of God in rel2 , have of him &

So glad to have you back. Really enjoy your podcast. One of my favourites. Just a question that is being raised a lot on Twitter. No Labor representation on Q&A tomorrow night. The week spent in Bega but no interview with Mike Kelly. Is this an instruction from above?

Attn people attending NEEHU! I’m looking for 2 to 3 roommates for my ! Room will be available wed night through sun night (check-out mon.) Dm for more info if you’re interested! 1/2

Planning a special event? Our theatre is the perfect venue for a private party or event, so why not get in touch for more details? photos by @scottchalmersphotography

Isn’t this just the coolest lighting? 💡 We’re in Christmas party mode once again at East Sussex National! 🎉

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