i am so blessed and so grateful. oh how did i deserve this happiness😭? my life is an unexpected life. i never once thought that i’m surrounded by many lovable ppl.. i cant even put my words together😭😍

“A foodie is somebody who thinks about food as a key part of their identity, and a kind of lifestyle.” J. Johnston Pepper Jelly Cheese Bombs –Wine and Cheese Party Ideas🧀 Recipe:

One of my last appearances before corona... Mitt this time

When your friend’s cousin joins the at 2am and starts moaning

A word from my sponsors, as I get back to this 😊 latter tweets.

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Tb to when a party night was a normal thing do have! Wish we can all go to a party soon, without the need of social distancing and isolation!

If you had a boom box and just one cassette tape what would it be? 📻

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