Change of daily futures prices of agricultural commodities in comparison with change of daily futures prices of crude oil in 02 Sep'19 – 27 May'20 , , , , , , , , , ,

Getting some sudden traction & iron ore both notched new records touched near 7 year highs of over $US1760 an ounce Meanwhile, iron ore is getting very close to the $US100/t Check the neighbours especially the SP .50c >>CAD$12

Genes and BACKSIDES hanging out of them; not to mention TUMMS. It's the -OIL in everything 😁😁

will be on peoples watchlists, news will follow over coming months & if the herd mentality doesn’t follow it & the SP is static it’s perceived as a dull share BUT when layer of layer of news builds the full story then inevitably it will see ‘the’ RNS that x5 x10 Patience

Sunday ramp Can push into the high 0.4s ? geos into final week of sampling work in Canada.

Brilliant story by Sam Neil and Helena Bonham Carter, reminds me of companion I cast aside years ago, my .

Forgot to post this yesterday for celebration. PERFECT unofficial port on my ancient !

let’s see if PALM can pull a stunner in the coming weeks

oil prices in the market are expected to strengthen following ’s move to resume importing palm oil, said Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities Datuk Mohd Khairuddin Aman Razali.

🦠Covid-19: eating the red palm 🌴weevil worm 🐛stimulates the immune system, comparable to the protein of an egg 🥚

Excellent summary Worth looking at for investors with interest in exploration & development. Darren is CEO at and has built an exciting company with quiet assurance leveraging his experience as a successful businessman & investor.

I really wish someone would rip off the calendar - that design and design language was so cool! How is it that we haven't seen a clone... 11 years on!?

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