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Some construction workers are concerned for their health. Some workers have walked off their job sites. I recently received this video from a friend in the industry.

What a perfect location for those who are homeless, fleeing violence or need to self-isolate.

Great news. Our test results for came back negative - which means after two weeks of self-isolation & working behind-the-scenes, I’ll be back on air tomorrow . From my entire family - thank you for the support ❤️ Now let’s get to work!

Just finished feeding 80 nurses and doctors in two Ottawa hospitals. Thank you to the community who is helping us feed them while keeping a family business afloat.

5,500 people have been tested at the Brewer Arena Assessment Centre with approximately 85% of people swabbed. Thank you to these frontline workers in our community!

Hey , please stay out of grocery stores tomorrow to let others have their turn.

I spotted a kind message on Bank Street on my way to the grocery store❤️❤️

Anyone else notice that the steps on our new expensive pedestrian bridge are crumbling? Sorry, I know we have enough worries, but...

My dude Dave doesn't understand that there is a pandemic going on and Tim's employees don't need to be put at risk because he couldn't be arsed to make a coffee at home.

School Trustee Donna Blackburn bullies local basketball player forces hoops take-down:

Hey , has anyone seen a grocery store that has plexiglass barriers to protect staff yet? I’d like to give them my business.

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