Pet hate people telling you what to do with your children, every family’s circumstances are different and also where you are in the uk also plays a factor, I have no worries about sending my year 6 back on Wednesday followed by my year 10 in a week or so.

Have a strong opinion about your suject? Voice it on your blog Many blog posts are written so as not to offend anyone

vote please. This doesn’t happen if there isn’t massive income inequality, terrible housing, bottom minimum wage, and lack of universal healthcare. Voting is easy and honestly fun

america is .... different . delusional . disoriented . you're giving 12 a reason to b hostile . ?

Summer birthdays dead, sept oct nov best months for birthdays nobody can tell me different

Very impressed by Prof Van Tam’s in today’s . The rules are clear, have always been clear, and apply to everyone.

NY pizza sucks. Also, is the best actor on The Office.

You say we shoulda others but you cannot handle to accept ours. As if we are wrong and you’re right, but to us you’re the wrong, so how are we wrong if it all depends on perspective? Who is to say? You? Me? No one can tell. So why cannot you respect us?

Thinking about buying stock in Ford, Jaguar Health, Toughbuilt Industries, Canopy Growth Corp, or Northern Dynasty Minerals?

love your acting Laurence but hated the script story line in White Lines 👍

Some folks deftly disguise the they wish to share, through they choose to ask ! 😇

Surrounded by donkeys, a camel also starts to bray. ~ A Saying ... about (... and many other issues.)

You know what I like about movies? Diversity. For every million people who think something like ‘Taken’ is brilliant there is someone like me who thinks it’s a pile of worthless trash! Oh, and ‘Get Out’, ‘IT Follows’ and ‘A Quiet Place’ are bollocks as well!!!

The opinion which other people have of you is their problem, not yours. ~Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

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