Dunno who's this is, but this is how every Corsa B should be running. Daaaamn son! Sounds like a bit of wheelspin in 4th still at around 200km/h 🔥 Boost FTMFW.

1987 Ascona C3 Jubilee. to celebrate Opel's 125th anniversary. It has Opel's old, eye-shaped logo mounted to the fenders and very nice cross-spoke rims.

92 years ago today - 23 May 1928 - Fritz von drove the rocket-car Opel Rak 2, equipped with 24 Brander powder rockets, to 143 mph (220 km/h) at the Track, near before 2,000 invited spectators →

The garage is the place your car calls "home". Like if you made yours fit for your .

Tom Swartz delivered 47 food parcels with his Opel Combo Life to needy families, to honour the life of Emma Boshoff.

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