We will all have scars, big & small. One is COVID nose: a pressure sore from prolonged N95 wear. Still, grateful for the mask that caused mine.

Let's turn each golf course in to year round sustainable food production. Starting with Trump's in the Bronx. *I'm serious* Given the stress is placing on global supply chains? The thousands of miles it on average takes to get food to ? Why not?

You call your quarantine a "Stay at home order" we call it NY PAUSE. Mad NY energy

NEW: Chair of City Council health committee suggesting that temporary mass graves -- "10 caskets in a line" -- will be dug in "a NYC park."

The lighting up in solidarity with a dynamic heartbeat for the people affected by COVID-19

I’m tired of getting texts that people I know or knew of DIED of this shit is gonna hit home soon and I’m scared.

I’ve never experienced this much stress in my entire medical career β€” treating sick young patients here in is beyond difficult. The fear is palpable among us all on the frontlines... please stay at home β€” it means the world to us

We don't come into contact with them much but many thanks to the staff of for keeping flowing quite literally. They are frontline workers and greatly worthy of our thanks and appreciation.

Love this sidewalk art outside of NYP-Columbia hospital entrance. Wild guess: thanks, Banksy!?

I am a front line health worker in with symptoms of COVID-19. Health workers are NOT getting tested but asymptomatic people in close proximity to are getting tested. . Please don’t tell us we are heroes.

Local church ringing its bells to elevate the 7PM applause in East Village, NYC

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