Have you seen sky in ? Enjoy the that appeared yesterday after a heavy rain 😍. Photo credit: “Nukus chat”, Telegram channel

Talk about off the beaten path ... Your road trip to the Sea begins in , the regional capital. It is fun to walk around the day of this interesting city, known for its museum. with

in western is famous as the launching point for the Sea with as well as the famous museum, Nukus Museum of Art or, in full, The State Art Museum of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, named after I.V.

We do Aral sea tours even winter time. So we do all tours that we offer on our website throughout all seasons. If you are interested to book an Aral sea tour and/or other tours, please contact us at [email protected]

Each year a brick falls from the walls of Adam's tomb. When the last brick falls, the end of the world will begin. The pilgrims try to put the bricks back, believing that God will hear their prayers and will save them. {} Follow 👉 for more {} – at Nukus / Нукус

We are! On our way from to via . Really looking forward to it. But sadly no time for .

January 6, : working group of the Ministry of Investments and Foreign Trade, headed by S.Umurzakov, visited the , where they discussed prospects and plans for the current year. The focus - a new system of work with and .

We improved skills of 4️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ community specialists working with population on & . Today in we discuss results of Joint UN program on , current situation, identify priorities & effective measures 2 improve access & quality of information

Also, despite feeling happy and proud (and cold!) observing the elections in , I know that my octopus menorah is back in Tashkent, waiting to be lit. everybody- bring on the latkes!

It’s election day in and I’m up in where it’s very cold, but fantastic to see the election up close, and miles away from Tashkent. We’ve seen hundreds of people out, casting their votes. I always find elections exciting and inspiring. 🗳🇺🇿

So proud of my colleagues in of ! With the joint efforts since 2018 over 4,000 rural people have gained access to clean drinking in Takhtakupir district, region to & ensure

What a treat on this extremely chilly winter day to finally see the one-in-a-million avant-garde collection of the legendary museum in —an oasis of art I’ve wanted to visit for so many years!

As volunteers Day celebration continues in , we're saluting those who rendered time and effort to further develop the welfare of their communities, environment, and their people!

-11 degrees in . The best weather to discuss and results of adaptation measures in the region.

Another training dedicated to issues ahead of Parliamentary elections took place in , Karakalpakstan. We met local authorities & NGOs to encourage gender equality & active participation of women in the election process.

The Savitsky Collection in is outstanding If you do get there make sure you also get to & feel the loss of the sea on your skin, in your throat, then go home & tell everyone you know that needs our support & love

We have trained students & teachers from State University to use irrigation which helps to: 🌽 Increase crops 💧 Use less water & fertilizers 👆🏾 Promote food security ✔️ Decrease risks For more details:

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