Three young men are going to be executed soon just because they were involved in the peaceful protests in . 's parents are under pressure for coerced confession. Their son was killed then, while his cellphone recorded the shot.

The Islamic regime in Iran is to execute these three young men who participated in the peaceful protests in The Persian media outside Iran haven't covered this as much as they covered the

? He was abducted by security forces in . Hasn’t been charged & produced before Court. His family warned against speaking up. His daughters haven’t heard from him for months. Worried about his safety.

have started terrorizing people since 1980 and it hasn’t stopped. In , they killed more than 1500 innocent protesters, and arrested more than 7000.

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So that’s a wrap for me on the month of , and over 100 rare images from . With that, I’m gonna have a stiff drink, and move on with my life. But I have to ask, “Did you get your ?”

For my final , I want to address the well-worn narrative that the film was a difficult shoot. As Harrison Ford says in DANGEROUS DAYS, “It was a bitch.” But it wasn’t only that. So let’s end not with “Blood Runner”...

I’m up for two more rounds of . Within the last year, the family lost two beloved members: one in front of the lens, and one behind. Actor Rutger Hauer and still photographer Stephen Vaughan. This entry is a tribute to both.

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