Adventures calling, make sure you have the right for the job!!

Wheels Wednesday!! Check out these wheels that come on a 2020 Maxima Platinum Edition!!

What is asking for is a customs union: no tariffs on inputs and outputs. Someone will have to back down a long way.

Brexiters were gloating last week when said they'd close Barcelona but keep Sunderland. But now Nissan repeat what they've always said: if UK leaves with No Deal, which is what Johnson & Cummings want, it's curtains for Sunderland.

Now on pre-order! Contact your favorite hobby shops or online dealers for pre-order :) MINI GT 1/64 Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32) Gr. A #87 HKS 1993 Japan Touringcar Championship MGT00103 (RHD version only)

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