PSF organises 'Teachers Training Workshops' under our School Empowerment Program by brining in best trainers in the market! PSF believes that empowering teachers is the need of the hour to guarantee a sustainable community in future. … … )

If Driver turns the 🚎 in right path..This will become easier for all .. Same case,if PM Covid fund is transferred to or any . How Many of them will take breath and Generate new life. Means No one can be hangry..

Your small contribution will support us to feed family members and caregivers of underprivileged patients.

Ambassador , on behalf of the Members of : “We welcome the and between the ,& with , including the consortia, in the framework of a Global Humanitarian Plan to .

Feedback about GO-YES2020 from Alao Oluwafemi S delegate for GO-YES2020 from Nigeria Thankyou so much for your valuable feedback. . .

DSRSG,R/HC for shocked by the abduction and killing of 7 Somali health personnel $ 1 civilian from an -run clinic in Gololey village, Balcad District, Middle Shabelle region on 27 May. Statement:

Most of the children's and daily wages labour's are suffering covid-19 situations so your support and DONATE save them the life...

It is learnt, a local is involved in massive , and at in funds provided by a donor for provision of drinking water and nutrients for infants. 2800 families were to be given 30000 each.

The reason why I stopped donating is because of this

Stichting Schlomo now also on Twitter. To inform you about projects in Syria, Irak, Levant and all the other places where Syriacs need help. Like about our family centre in Qamishli

Checks and balances – ZOA’s certified commitment to crisis-hit communities. The first Dutch to get certified against the CHS! Read here their insights on the certification journey and read about major learnings and changes from the audit process:

The Holy Spirit overflowed yesterday as we had a unique moment of ministration and adoration 🙌🏼 with our justice agents and executive committee. 🙏🏼God touched our hearts and established renewed strength and promises from Heaven in us.🕊

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