"I remember my first encounter with the greenway. I had been sleeping on my sister’s couch, trying to get a job, when my best friend from college let me know there was an open room in her Crown Heights apartment." - 's

"I returned the next week, then the week after, uncertain but delighted to learn." another wonderful , this one by .

"As a comedian, I have to make strangers worship me and laugh, mostly at night. As a park ranger, I imagine, I’d get to enjoy the cuddles of adorable animals, daylight, and not being heckled." - @nikkipalll has a . do u?

pretty surprising that etopps never made a bilal powell card.

No one warned me how difficult it would be to put an A0 size poster on a slanted wall

Absolutely love all my New York stuff and my new fujifilm instax mini 8 camera 😱😍🎅🎄

Listening to Empire State of mind while wearing my Yankees shirt while drinking from an I heart NY cup😍

@Aarongillclarke £568 half board feb 2014 !!! 3 days :) x

the fact that my aunt just surprised me with a new york trip in 2 weeks makes me so happy☺

Watkins Glen State Park, New York-crazy someplace like this is in NEW YORK

I just remembered I was calling soco "soho" on saturday thanks to ...

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