I just want to tell the convicted felon he's a piece of shit of a human being. Sincerely, A

There are things he's done that are making me very nervous as a .

Change the focus to what the world needs not what I has and wants •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Ima start a thread of people I consider Bad Bitches 💅😎👏🏽. First up Nana from Madagascar !!!

Every should flood the streets and DEMAND be investigated for his ineptitude and potential criminal recklessness and/or negligence.

Man, that Lemann review of Johnson’s “Broken Heart of America” in the is just dire.

1951 ; 331 cid ohv V-8; 2 bbl, 180 hp; Fluid Torque Drive; First post-war Imperial convertible and first Hemi engine. Note top of the line Imperial carried considerably less external chrome decoration than the on which it was based

Here is my meaningless contribution to the current debate about journalistic accountability at the and the . It involves reporting a trivial error to the about an article that mentioned .

1954 ; 331 cid ohv V-8, 235 hp; Mopar had developed a reputation as a frumpy, well intentioned member of the community. It offered all the features buyers said they wanted: safety, roominess, economy, reliability, but still market share fell

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