20200527 #3 20.28 WIB 148/366 And the face of protagonist. Bukan poster sinetron azab lah ini. A perfect portfolio for Paris Fashion Week. Amiiin Ya alloh. 😂😂😂😂.

🎉A huge congratulations to Dr for being shortlisted for the Contribution to Widening Access Award .🎉 We wish you all the best for your ceremony on 22nd October at ! To read more on Enam's work👇🔗 🏆🐝

Is there a more appropriate light to have at the moment? Thank you it’s the light of my dreams and will be a continual gentle reminder to take things slow, even when all this has blown over 💜

If you go, I'll stay You come back, I'll be right here Like a barge at sea In the storm, I stay clear 'Cause I've got my mind on you I've got my mind on you Say yes to heaven Say yes to me

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