Be happy no matter the situation you are into, always beautify yourself with happiness. Track coming soon them go talk.

Brandi Carlile and Members of Soundgarden Team Up for Record Store Day 7-Inch | more here 👉 👈

“Wasting Daylight” ft. is LIVE on Spotify! (and other platforms) Show it some love and listen ON REPEAT 🔥🎧 RETWEET THIS and spread the word to get it EVERYWHERE!!! ❤️

"People will go for anything they don't understand if it's got enough hype." - Miles Davis

thread! Share your latest release here so we can hear what you've been working on. . . .

What are your favorite song hooks/riffs? I always could use ideas! ❤️

Animated teaser for the upcoming new album of lo fi weirdo Atlanta rapper Michael Myerz.

When you reach out to an artist saying you like their music and they say thanks and block you.

DO YOU KNOW ANYONE INTERESTED? WANTED: Guest bloggers for a hip hop-based website who would like to write a 500+ word post about their experience during COVID-19, and how music is a part of that experience. Message for opportunity

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