What are your favorite song hooks/riffs? I always could use ideas! ❤️

Seeking female artist to build partnerships with if you’re aspiring artist looking for help we got you

Animated teaser for the upcoming new album of lo fi weirdo Atlanta rapper Michael Myerz.

When you reach out to an artist saying you like their music and they say thanks and block you.

I play Scrabble on my laptop everyday to stay sharp. What are the odds that it selected these 7 letters? Do you think it’s a sign? 😉

DO YOU KNOW ANYONE INTERESTED? WANTED: Guest bloggers for a hip hop-based website who would like to write a 500+ word post about their experience during COVID-19, and how music is a part of that experience. Message for opportunity

"The planet is asleep and it's the fault of musicians who are untrue to themselves." - Sun Ra

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