Feeling stiff when you wake up or before working out? Let's just get back to normal! John Nunez, PT, DPT tells us how to our to normal length.

I don't usually make it into pictures but we had lots of visitors in movement today snapping pics so I thought I would share some action shots along with a couple other favorites!!

I’m teaching my last Primal Flow classes this month in Cape Town before I go on a Sabbatical for the next couple of months. I’ll be hosting workshops, date TBA later!! For now DM to book class this coming Tues and Thurs!

Want to learn from and this spring in Chicago? You're in luck. We're bringing them in for a weekend full of events. More information at

It's amazing how creativity and art can be injected into everything. What did you take away from this video? Let me know in the comments!

Often the motor skills chosen in PE is based on teachers' own proficiencies. I much prefer a approach to PE where we teach a variety of skills and games.

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