Denis Protsenko, who gave Russian President a tour of 's Kommunarka hospital last week, tested positive for on Tue. As of Wed, reported 2,777 total confirmed cases.

Spring was just here, what happened with ?!!!

🇷🇺 Air Force An-124-100 Ruslan RF-82038 cargo transport aircraft heads west out of

Today is the last day of March and it snows in Moscow. What's wrong with this year?

People of KY, could only focus on protecting Trump & had no ability to think about protecting you (though if removed Trump we’d all be in better shape). Looks like can’t do two things at once. You better get new leadership. Elect in November

Day 2 of mandatory self-isolation, when becomes almost black and white. Almost no other colors, almost no people, almost no motion

Check out all the empty main streets of on the first day serious anti- measures went into effect:

Day# 3 Today was the last day of moving freely around , the third day after Putin-crises speech. Starting from tomorrow, nobody can walk further than 100 meters away from home, unless there is an emergency or work requirement .

Essential package: Buckwheat, toilet paper, garlic, soap & mask sold for $3 in vending machine

region today: Agitation vans: "In conditions of state of emergency quarantin declared on whole territory of the country. Please, don't leave your homes without urgent needs"

: Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said during a briefing that the USA, as the party controlling the eastern Euphrates regions, is fully responsible for the civilians there and ensuring that their humanitarian needs are met.

We were waiting for this. And it’s finally here! Six new metro stations opened in Moscow

'!’ Pilots write message to support fight against in skies above region

It's crazy Aeroflot flight SU1330 -Arkhangelsk squawking 7700 Emergency

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