🥇With a 5pm humidity of 23.0%, today is 's driest Apr 6th since records began in 1953.

's total precipitation this March was 129.0mm, above the normal range of 38.3➞114.6mm.

Side view of the life size Bust of Mae West at the Montreal exhibition.

I'm focussing & thinking about the beautiful and friendly people in who's families are suffering right now. I was fortunate to visit in January and found it to be a vibrant and down-to-earth city. It reminded me of my lovely who's people are also suffering.

What's this I see gathering in park LaFontaine Montreal? A dozen police, standing feet apart, not wearing masks, getting ready to ticket citizens for doing the same thing or less. The police should be shamed for their hypocrisy

Day 14 of covid for me and first day I feel a bit better - it’s a weird virus with fever dreams and emotional swings that yoyo in unique ways - anyways it’s serious this virus - self isolating for an extra 10 days I think (to be safe for others)

All the parking lots atop ’s Mont-Royal Park are now closed. (You can still walk or cycle on the mountain—smart policy.) This morning some cars had pushed aside barriers & parked. When I went by, they were being issued huge fines by the cops.

My kingdom for a good old-fashioned diner right now. Where the coffee tastes like shit, the background noise never dies down, & the pain croûté you’re dipping into your runny egg yolks is slathered w/ so much butter you suspect it’ll give you a heart attack. ☕️

Last year more than 500,000 marched for action on the growing in . They were joined by millions around the world. Today many march online. No time to waste, no planet B. Let's protect each other & the planet.

Some more good news from .... Children’s Hospital ER occupancy is at 6% and Saint Justine’s (second major children’s hospital in Montreal) is at 16% 🤷‍♀️ And thankful at the same time

“What were you thinking, offering a quarter million dollar reward?” “Genius, right? I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner.” “Well, maybe because you knew it was going to lure crackpots and opportunists.”

My sister finally got a 3D printed face mask so she can continue working on the frontlines of the fight against in . Her friend, whose company makes toys, made her this mask since hospitals are running out of protective gear.

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