Monte Carlo, Monaco in the French Riviera, spring of 2015 when was traveling abroad (I’m sure we will see more from her). Thanks Mags for the hard work getting all these shot glasses!!!

by June 9, 2020! Follow and on an adventure to the ...not just sun and fun, but also mingling with the rich and famous...and the world's largest arms dealer.

While not having the is heartbreaking, what compounds the heartbreak is not being able to watch the graceful and epitome of poise, at the end of it...HEARTBROKEN. PERIOD. 💔💔💔💔

Belgian citizen, resides abroad, married abroad, challenger. Co-Winner Superyacht Trophy & Showboats Design Award. It all began as a freelance yacht broker in association with and where I signed my first impressive deal

Please watch out for the On tuesday, It has formed a beautiful setup Hammer + RSI 30 + Weekly Volume > 150%

A new look for the famous Casino Square in Monte Carlo! It looks amazing and the new gardens are stunning. This will be used for future events. I don’t like the Palm trees though, makes it look like Dubai 🤣

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