🚨FARE lab has an open position in Multi-scale of Steam Explosion of Biomass, in partnership with . Feel interested to work in an innovative project in a transdisciplinary environment? More information and how to apply ▢️

All criticism is comparative. So just how big a scandal is the lockdown? Well, put this way. There was a better case for WMDs than the lockdown - that is, the Iraq Dossier reads like it was better thought out than the Ferguson Dossier.

Our team of advisors can guide your company through the complexities of financial modelling and business planning. e-advisory has a reliable track record with many of the global banks and private equity providers to review complex models on their behalf.

Kate Dunne prepares to pose nude in the documentary NAKED. Watch it on Amazon Prime, Google Play, or iTunes:

Some more Year 7 work completed at home. Well done Year 7 and keep up the creativity πŸ‘πŸ»

Be selective with the costume, your costume will looks after your confidence!

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