What an incredible experience - international effort among the highest biodiversity on the planet to inform management strategies that protect the whole reef ecosystem. Get the details (& the ) from our recent work in here!

Off to Indonesia for coral reef fisheries monitoring - photos coming from over the next few weeks w. lots of folks

2/4 From in the south, to & in far north, the has spent countless hours exploring Raja Ampat’s remote corners to uncover the secret lives & learn more about these charismatic .📸

Award-winner Private Marine Reserve and Misool Foundation safeguard rich through the empowerment of local communities. Explore its incredible ecosystems and ecotourism leader :

Misool Private Marine Reserve safeguards one of the richest reefs in the . Its strong protection of these vital ecosystems has earned a Award. Congratulations to the Misool Foundation and !

Large Innoceramus sp. as a marker fossil of Cretaceous Fafanlap Fm. from Misool Island. After 7 years, finally I can see this shallow marine's creature. Anyway, this is not large enough till you see the next photos.

Incredible 9th season at ! Thank u to everyone who has supported - new friends, old friends, family & ocean lovers.

Until midnight Pacific Time, a WildAid donor will match all online contributions to the marine reserve:

Photobomb Friday! (I was shooting the shrimp when the clown started clowning around... ;)

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