Protesters singing Bob Marley’s Is This Love at the Freedom Tower. The group is now headed west.

Miami👏🏽 We need to organize to reignite the black panther party 👏🏽

Another joined our is available to meet only with any of our Escorts. andy another others models are available for your event.

Police in Miami kneel down in solidarity with the protesters. First step towards towards a change...

Police in apologize to protesters,to the world,to the camera. Regretted the heinous act of their own comrades,and became part of the movement himself. The eyes of the protesters got wet, the storms stopped.This is called true or Martin Lutheranism.

I remember seeing his floating "Surrounded Islands" encircling Biscayne Bay's small islands, off , circa 1983. That view and ambiance of Biscayne Bay as you cross Rickenbacker Causeway is as beautiful as anything in the world. He had an eye for location.

Literally been watching this man’s videos to take my mind off shit these days. Big shout out showing up for

they just gave protestors 20 minutes to get home before curfew. PLEASE BE SAFE.

if you are at the miami protest they called lce. if you are undocumented please LEAVE and stay safe.

Miami police outclassed every police of the world. When protestors came guns blazing, they all went on their knee. The crowd begun to cry and joined them. Prayers of forgiveness melted many hearts.💝💝💝 I love this

Police officers in the Coral Gables neighborhood of , taking a knee with protesters during a rally yesterday afternoon. Gave me a twinge for my old city.

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