Thanks to once again for uncovering some $%*& that needs explaining in . And does that second letter f/ mean the city is on the hook for their expenses anyway? Or is the $310K city manager just offering for taxpayers to pay cuz he's such a nice guy?

We are a people business first: always have been, and always will be. Thank you Owner/Operator Alex Mendendez for taking care of our people on the front lines with breakfast and dinner to our nurses and doctors in !

Record heat (again) today in with 91° this afternoon Also, record longest stretch not wearing slacks on TV

Woman withdraws $10,000 from bank to keep cash handy during health crisis but gets followed home and robbed in . She just spoke to .

Beyond proud of our and their amazing commitment to the home team! The salutes you for your generosity and compassion!

Cases in Florida are doubling every 3 days, and I have to live in the city where an infected mayor does nothing about it

Blessed to earn and receive my 10th Offer from The UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI 💚🧡

As a front line healthcare worker who has rearranged my family for their safety, I think should have to answer why their leadership has retreated to rather than stand in solidarity with their employees in during .

My mom-a janitor at a hospital-told me about a surge of new positive people. They have converted some floors into coronavirus wards. While doctors & nurses have the best protective equipment, the workers of her class do not. ALL health workers need full protection

I am honored and blessed to say that I have received a offer to play football at the University of Miami, big thanks to coach Rollinson and Coach Dubar, and the entire Mater Dei football program!!!

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts... stay strong ☀️

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