Everyone will say Vaughan because it’s the most pleasing to the eye. For ferrier to get the loop he did on a cross that didnt have much power required a lot of skill and strength. Gets my vote

If we signed Ferrier and Payne at the start of last season everyone would be buzzing. I’m really looking forward to Saturday now, in Micky we trust.

Things that need to stop this season: - Footballers adding their initials and squad number into a hashtag at the end of every tweet. End of list.

! Bent in a crash at Road Atlanta, repurposed for our shop! King Motorsports/Mugen RSX World Challenge

Do it not for the sake of me. Lets do it for us. This time, I want to make things right.

Two days to go! Which choir will be the Grand Champion in this year’s Musica FEUropa?

Tune in to 98.7 FM, DZFE’s Maestro Filipino program today at 4PM to hear the interview with members of the FEU Chorale and Mr. Martin Lopez plus music from Musica FEUropa 9 winners!

Ongoing Yilan Cultural Conference in Taiwan: PCC Director Martin Lopez presenting the Musica FEUropa.

was life-changing, made me a better leader and Miamian! Apply by 8/24 for opportunity to join

spec We have a very limited quantity of bronze Mugen MF10 wheels available…

First round of wheel orders being shipped today! @ King Motorsports Unlimited

2 out of my 5 MFL10 winners in 2016 had Devonta Freeman AND Tevin Coleman. 4 out of 5 had 1 of either Freeman or Coleman.

happy birthday brotha wishing u all the best imma see u soon

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