Your press pals shouting at a guy about social distancing and breaking rules. YERRR that works out well.. dickheads

Hi Anything to say on this from the media side of things? I’d say if one of those had Covid 19 , there’s a good chance another could have now..

Oh no! Sundays are never gonna be the same. Michael Enright just announces he’s leaving Edition after 20 years. A brilliant run. He’s there to the end of June but stresses he’s not retiring. Starting something else in the fall.

Note to the media: If you do to Biden like you did Hillary and we get Trump again, when he comes for you, and he surely will, don’t count on us being there for you. You made this monster, so don’t cry for help when he starts eating you.

Caught in the Act AGAIN Faking Deaths for the !! WOW O.O 😮 The blowing TENS BILLIONS in Sci-op actors & scenes Everywhere & STILL haven’t stopped. The sheer numbers of these FRAUDS colluding in packs is unimaginable.

Stopped in my tracks by The New York Times front cover this morning. Powerful Not simply names on a list... Note: This isn’t a COVID or political post

We have over 60 K excess deaths, the worst toll in Europe & 2nd worst in the world. ‘ saga of hypocrisy & lying is an important story, but the incompetence of this government remains the far bigger scandal. must get priorities right!

The holy grail os American journalism is someone writing about why the is so easily manipulated by a brainless, racist figurehead of nationalist hate and cant seem to stop taking the bait.

Throwback four years ago to my days, when among precious possessions on my desk was a box of tea supplies, bc what other saving grace 😆

Canada still has time to "flatten the curve" of far right violence. dog whistles need to be condemned, most importantly Canada's has to actually report on spread of far right hate groups uniting and getting larger! what's it going to take?

Don't kill lakhs of dreams just because they didn't have proper network or a laptop with them... please talk to one representative from each college and do listen to our problems

Marking a BIG anniversary today. It’s been 10 years since I left ... best decision I ever made. 🙏🏼

I'm commiserating with all the talented, hard-working journalists who have lost their jobs over the last few days. I know how you feel. I was unceremoniously laid off by a major US paper just *five* months into a foreign posting. It is absolutely the worst feeling. /1

21st May ,2020 ThursdayNAC's Chain Hunger Strike Agitation at NAC's HQ Buldana (Maharashtra) One Yearcompleted *150th Day of 2nd year* Today's worrier NAC leader Shri S R Lahane ji and his wife Smt.Pushplata tai Lahane *Stay home,stay Safe*

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