"Courage carries my wings Bullets rain with my fury The blade will strike with my last breath." -Oath of the Koumori special attack unit

Selected! What setting you're love? 5 Days after launched, we received a lot of feedback to help us in long term! Thanks so much Pilot! Incoming Update Confirmed! Join us Steam EA!

A MUST SEE! Check out .gunpla Complete Custom Built Jesta in his latest video at Watch this complete transformation and see how can be freedom.

a poll I made on MK discord was unanimous - it will be more fun if all trees were destructible - so I'm working on implementing it without impact on performance🗿

Taking a break from 3d modelibg to begin working on the Mastiff box art. Im not sure where im going with colors but will be tackling this more impulsively.

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT 👁️🗨️ For my first ever weekly spotlight I wanted to showcase Shanghai based conceptual artist Portfolio link Check out the comments below as I will be adding more of their work throughout the day.

Additional Lore Tidbits: Erika's one of the first civilian-oriented models for the Reconstructed! RCNTs first saw use in military fields as means to support heavily disabled veterans.

Got a job that might turn out to be permanent and missed quite a few updates. Here's the basic behaviour of the for

with katana or without? but anyways! here's a little cyberpunk/mech (also happi how i did the reflections below 👀)

Gosh golly, *two* shill posts from me in a single day? Blame , but I'll happily use the excuse. I'm Peyton, I like to draw , I like to get paid for it, and that about sums it up.

I have an irrational psychological apprehension to reposting old work but I'm trying to break that bad habit so here's an oldie I did a few years ago I'm still proud of to this day. Was on a real Ma.K kick back then.

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