“You can't write humor and not be able to laugh at yourself” — David Sedaris in

Its a 3 month online mentorship program happened last year. Now I am just how they progressed after the course and helping them if they lag somewhere. No in near term. Will be busy with once lockdown is over.

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Hey you re is great, full of wisdom and years of experience, that s just tasted like honey to me. Much appreciated

You can enroll in my if you’d like. Here I show you one way I get away from my kids.

his handling of the 2 v 1 should be shown to all aspiring defenders

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In this episode, puts that episode of where Jack Donaghy negotiates against himself on behalf of Liz Lemon to shame! It's a in deal-making. 💰

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The brothers got me an early birthday present of economist Paul Krugman’s . Should help me understand a little bit more of what to expect over the next 6 months.

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Wonder if has given thought to offering some sort of on online, pseudo during this . Speaking of home-schooling! If anyone could make it happen, it would be Gene and his team!

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