These 4 stars are all rumored to be transferred this summer🌟. Which transfer is most likely to fall through???😥

Old Tom Gin is a style of gin that dates back to the 1800's. It's barrel-aged and sweeter than a London Dry. We believe it to be the love child of gin and whiskey. And old tom gin shines in the classic Martinez cocktail, part Manhattan and part Martini.

Inter remain firm about not negotiating a deal for Martinez unless his release clause is met. Barcelona are still keeping tabs on the player. ()

in , 4 east after Alhambra Avenue. Unclear if blocking. Small backup behind it.

If you're looking for work in , CA, check out this job via the link in our bio: Pharmacy Technician at CVS Health

The ‘new’ ? Reports claim that the look to boost their squad when they cash-in on . , and a dream move for Paulo are in the rumor mill.

Volunteer “faithfuls” from the Oakley dining room: our Oakley Elves. Thank you Gloria, Maralyn and Marisa for your support🙌

Department of Veterans Affairs is hiring! Click here to apply for this position in , CA

A Mallard duck sitting in the grass at the side of the pond in the Radke Memorial Shoreline in Martinez.

Just picked up this absolute machine !!! Review tomorrow🤘🏼 By the way... he’s out of this world 🔥

You won't want to scroll past this! Take a peek of my latest listing.

Which player do you prefer? 🇦🇷Lautaro or 🇧🇷Gabriel ? Vote down below

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