Happy from your friendly ! I'm lucky in that I am now surrounded and supported by people who are friendly.

to the rescue, purified lugworm hemoglobin tested on patients to enhance oxygen transport.

Throwback to a group of scientists celebrating a successful research cruise last summer.

When I first became interested in becoming a marine biologist (aged 13) it was a publication that I remember telling me all about as a career Happy Birthday 👏

As a marine biologist I often get asked some ‘interesting’ questions. But I think the two that have been sent to me today top the list: 1. What is the point in Carp? 2. Are dolphins homosexual? If not, why are they so flamboyant?...

Scientists have discovered 2 new species of in the Indian Ocean - ! They have very distinct snouts filled with teeth which they use to kill their prey using side-to-side slashes🦈

Happy 136th Birthday to the Marine Biological Association! We're proud to be working as part of such a fantastic and prestigious organisation! Here's to the next 136 years!

The was formed at a meeting held in London on this day in 1884. Happy from the group! Here's to another 136 years of !

Happy 136th (!!) Birthday to - a world class hub of marine science excellence, from viruses to fungi to kelp to sharks.

We are celebrating our 136th birthday! The MBA was born in 1884, and we have been promoting marine biology and doing world-class science ever since! Please retweet and help us make some noise!

Good morning everyone! My name's Nathan - Marine Scientist here at RS Aqua - and it's my turn to run all things social for the week! Watch this space for a home-based week of updates...

Nudibranch are carnivorous - their prey includes sponges, coral, anemones, barnacles, fish eggs and even other Nudibranch! They get their bright colours from the food they eat and these colours maybe used for camouflage or to ward off predators ⚔️

I’ve just submitted my thesis. Inspired by I’ve made a wordcloud of my most used words. Keep an eye out (hopefully)for some more exciting papers to come

The Marine Conservation Society are running a webinar tomorrow at 11am, ‘Aliens of the Deep’. Perfect for S1. Check Teams for joining info!!

Pseudolabrus guentheri, Pagrus auratus and Torquigener pleurogramma from another socially distant outing 🐠 🐡 🐟 (All released alive)

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