Tom reckons that this Simmental will fly out the shop today. Best get down to EC1 tres tout suite.

Shaving cream marbling rotation in 4th... just wait ‘til you see what the kiddos do with these next! Parents-your shaving cream is no longer safe!!

📣 Ebru/Paper Marbling Art workshop commencing on 28 March 2020 and available in limited space. The practice of beautiful artwork. Begin this fascinating journey. For more info, please complete the registration form.

Great day making photo albums. This hand marbled paper was so nice to use. Tomorrow I will be making an album with cloth guards then on to slipcases.

Been saving this Midland Meat Wagyu Tri-Tip for a special occasion. The marbling is insane!! Makes it easy to see the grain. Our dinner guests are in for a treat.

Create a red/white marble effect on your donuts by swirling Dawn Raspberry Compound into Dawn® Dip Quik icing

Happy from the Library. A journal of a voyage to the South Seas, in his Majesty’s ship the Endeavour, 1784, by Sydney Parkinson. Gift of Charles Rooking Carter. Te Papa (RB000268)

Don't remember a whole lot from my FFA meat judging days of the 80's & 90's but I will still place these in the delicious catagory.

The Primera breeds astounding survival traits are thanks to large scale progeny testing & rigorous classing - lambing ease kpnphotography

For those of you who enjoy the , why not try some this mini for These have a they have a minimum weight of 250g & but only stock available! – at The Cheese Man

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