Some video as ⁦⁩ heads out on the final leg of his challenge - incredible local support from friends & neighbours ! ⁦

Getting it done ✅ 53,000 steps later- walked 26.2 miles today!!!

And so we reach the end of our T’other half (first time of watching) is predicting Ron dies...

It’s hot out there already ☀️ lots of runners out already putting the miles in this morning 👏

Starting my Marathon in May for ⁦⁩ nervous & excited. A huge thank you to everyone who sponsored me to get to €10k here goes!!

4 years ago today I ran my first marathon for fast forward 4 years and are still doing amazing work & my family will be forever greatful to them and for the many lives they save.

To celebrate we've a for a chance to a copy of 'Running Everest' by It's an incredible story of & the Comment & RT by noon GMT Monday 2 enter.

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