Luke 4-23 physician heal thyself...Jesus doesn’t mean literally for to from or suffers all should be identified and they should loose wrights to for 1 year 💙

prescrib info cause if you take time read you will if something you want do, alters %owho will become after are you shure the risk of autoimmune injury's, lifelong 's ok to you could be mild, either way hearing loss

My mum is the strongest person I know, she’s been there for me throughout the Hardest times of my life whilst she was suffering with her own battles, she is my rock I love you so much

is over here increasing the negative stigma against chronic pain sufferers and people with invisible illnesses and calling it their next big hit. 1\2

One of our Regional Sales Managers, Andy Proudman, will be running the Royal Parks Half Marathon on the 13th October to support the charity LUPUS UK. Please help support him in this worthwhile cause.

"...Without circRNAs, PKR (a protein) is free to call in innate immune troops to go after the virus ...in people with lupus, circular RNA levels are already < normal, so PKR activity is higher"

The road to has been a long one for but going public while at a $7B valuation makes it all worth it - previews the

support tees heading out today. Lupus awareness month just a few weeks away. @ San Antonio, Texas — in San Antonio, TX, United States

> for better sounding acronym, not necessarily valuation. FOMO is driving into the stratosphere, excited for my friends! Here’s the sentiment:

Gut bacteria potentially linked to Lupas. Find out the details on the role your gut health may play with this autoimmune disease. READ NOW:

Recent "Puppy Love" Craft Fair was a success! Benefits to the local . Great job to the organizers from and to everyone who participated and donated! Next up in May... support. . The team has a huge heart and is incredible!

Jet Force Gemini lets get some space ship parts an have some fun blowing blue aunts an bugs an saving the trebles

Playing some on my twitch come have some fun while I get the upgrades for the soliders an have some fun shoot aunts an robots

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