We assume if you鈥檙e following this page you love sharks. So, what is it that you love about them? We would love to know what made you fall in love with these animals! 馃摳:

Not the 1st time 鈥榠nfluencers鈥 arrogantly and obliviously post these things on social media. Dude, keep up with global issues la k? Takkan la dah famous mcm ni, x tau that sharks are critically endagered species kot?

I feel I may be a little in love with blue sharks. It's such a privilege to be in the water with them. For the first time this year I also encountered pilot fish.

Stores and Jaws: Be careful out there folks! And if you hear a solo chillist, make sure you are running faster than your best friend!

Maybe it's our love of sharks that cause us to see sharky shapes everywhere, but you all see it too right? 馃挋馃

Jacko is shy and likes nothing more than lying under a shelf of rock, crunching up shellfish. With gentle, curious eyes and beautiful thick stripes, Jacko is here to show that there are many kinds of living in Port Phillip Bay, and most of them are harmless!

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